Lease Up! Pro Learning Series

The Lease Up! Pro Learning Series consists of topics about leasing, marketing and customer service for management, leasing and maintenance professionals. These sessions are available in half and/or full day sessions for apartment associations and private companies.


The economy is improving and the time is right to start increasing rents and eliminating concessions.  We have trained residents well over the last several years to expect concessions and in turn, we have trained ourselves to think it is the only way to sell.  It is time for a “conscious shift” in how we do business when it comes to increasing rents and getting our residents to renew.  In this session, you will learn how to:   
  • Get the buy in of your team and build confidence in passing along increases
  • Identify and sell your competitive advantages
  • Implement effective communication strategies
  • Create a “win-win” situation with renewing residents
  • Build perceived value with “high tech” and “high touch” service strategies
  • Build loyalty and trust that in turn keeps residents from moving
  • Develop a customized lease renewal process for your community


The maintenance team has the most influence on a resident’s decision to renew their lease based on the level of customer service they experience starting on the day of move in. Learn how you can make a difference in keeping residents and how your efforts affect the bottom line. In this session, you will learn:
  • How your level of service can make a difference
  • What it costs to “turn” an apartment
  • How to create an exceptional and positive first impression on Move In Day
  • How to implement a Responsive Maintenance Service Program
  • How to “Plan your work and work your plan”
  • What to do when your day doesn’t go as planned
  • Grooming – Looking good!
  • How to work as a team
  • Fair Housing Best Practices


Take your leasing skills to the next level with this session specifically designed for the seasoned leasing professional.  Learn the latest “high tech” and “high touch” trends in leasing that are easy to apply and get results!  In this session, you will learn:
  • High Tech Tools – New technology for leasing and follow up
  • Random Acts of Kindness (RAKS) - How to use effectively in your presentation
  • Telephone Skills – Techniques to peak interest and increase appointments
  • Comparative Selling – How to overcome objections by focusing on your competitive advantages
  • Closing Skills – How to determine if the prospect is “ready, willing, and able” to lease and what type of commitment you can get on the first visit


It is no secret that exceptional customer service is the new marketing. Once the prospect says “I’ll take it” is when the service part of our business begins.  In this session the emphasis is on how service is the essence of our job while our “to do” list is the function of our job. Reduce Resident turnover with a specific plan designed around quality customer service that builds resident loyalty. Give your residents reasons to stay and they will!  In this session, you will learn:
  • What it costs to “turn” an apartment
  • How to create a Resident Retention Plan in 5 easy steps
  • The difference between Service and Services
  • How to identify and respond to “Moments of Truth – Moments of Opportunity
  • Clear and Effective Communication
    • Writing “real speak” correspondence
    • When and how to use the phone, email, social media and snail mail with
    • Follow through and follow up
  • Resident Complaints
    • Calming upset residents
    • Winning over a difficult resident
    • Making good on a bad situation
    • Mastering the art of calm
    • Move in day – How to make it easy!
  • Building Loyalty
    • Creating a sense of community
    • Implementing a Responsive Maintenance Program
    • Identifying social programs that engage residents
  • Lease Renewals Made Easy

FAIR HOUSING – Best Practices for Compliance - Half Day Session

This session focuses on real life application of Fair Housing Laws specifically for the apartment industry. Owners, managers, leasing consultants and service techs will all benefit from knowing how the laws and most importantly the best practices to stay in compliance affect them.
  • Why is Fair Housing Important?
  • History of the Laws
  • Protected Classes - Federal, State, Local
  • Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA) - Accommodations or Modifications?
  • Current Issues - State Specific
    • Victims of Domestic Violence (MI)
    • Medical Marijuana (MI)
    • Handicapped Parking Spaces (MI)
    • SEnate Bill 65 (MI)
    • Sources of Income
    • Voice and Name Profiling
  • Advertising and Marketing
    • The “Helpful” Sales Process – “I was only trying to help!”
  • Fair Housing and the Maintenance Team - Providing Customer Service Equally
  • Accountability
    • Who is accountable?
    • Who can file a complaint?
    • Penalties
  • Keys to Compliance
  • Where is your “Safe Zone”?
  • Resources – Who to call for help
Optional Topics:
Guidelines for creating an effective Affirmative Fair Housing Matket

It’s NOT Business as usual – Or is it? - Half Day Session
Let’s face it, our industry has changed dramatically over the last few years, and communities that expect to thrive need to have a hybrid-marketing plan that blends new technology with the tried and true techniques of the past.  In this session, you will discover the latest trends along with how to bring new life to the marketing tools of the past to increase traffic and lease more apartments.  Topics covered include:
  • Marketing to Your Advocates – Keep in touch with the people that you know love you!
  • Getting the Most out of Online Classified Advertising – RentLinx, Craigslist and others
  • Social Media – Fad, foe, or friend?  Where to start
  • Resident Referrals 2.0 – How to tap into the online referral market
  • Apartment Ratings Sites – Why you must  join in the conversation
  • Follow Up The Lost Art of Sales – How to capture the “Be Back” market with a four point follow up formula
  • Communication Tools that get the attention of  prospects, residents  & outreach contacts
  • How to maximize Internet and Print advertising sources
  • Grass Roots Outreach Marketing - Five Types of Outreach that produce more referrals
  • How to create  “Slam on the Brakes”  Curb Appeal
  • And many more ideas to “Market on the Skinny!” with no or low cost solutions

MASTERING BASIC LEASING SKILLS - How to Lease in a Competitive and Challenging Market - Full or Half Day Session

Rental housing options today are plentiful and more diverse as single family homes and condos are now available for lease. This combined with a higher applicant denial rate makes increasing occupancy more of a challenge. In order to succeed we need to focus on the things we can control by being the best we can be at leasing apartments. Beginners and Ol’ Pros alike will benefit from this session as we review the Basics with a Fresh Approach and learn how to lease in a highly competitive and challenging market. In this session you will learn how to
  • Effectively turn internet leads and callers into visitors
  • Go from Tour Guide to Professional Leasing Consultant and still keep it real
  • Be Prepared – Tools for Success and Becoming an Expert
  • Build rapport through Generational Leasing Techniques
  • Determine if the prospect is “ready, willing and able” to lease and what type of commitment you can get on the first visit
  • Show the apartment and community as it relates to the visitor
  • Sell the benefits of apartment living compared to houses and condos
  • Capture the “Be Back” market with an effective four point follow up formula

MARKETING “B” & “C” GRADE COMMUNITIES - Generating Qualified Traffic on a Tight Budget - Half Day Session

Many managers have the challenge of increasing occupancy at properties that are either physically or financially distressed. Many markets are experiencing the affect of high unemployment rates which in turn influence the amount of qualified traffic and resident retention. In this session you will learn how to focus on the things you can control that in the end will have a positive effect on your occupancy. Topics covered include:
  • “Market on the Skinny!” with no or low cost solutions
  • Getting the Most out of Online Classified Advertising
  • Marketing for low and middle income properties
  • Grass Roots Outreach Marketing - Five Types of Outreach that produce more referrals
  • Managing a “bruised” reputation
  • Repositioning and maximizing rents
  • Apartment Ratings Sites – Why you must join in the conversation
  • Social Media – Fad, foe or friend? Where to start
  • Services and activities that residents will participate in and appreciate
  • Resident Retention – Creating loyalty that encourages residents to stay
  • Keeping your “chin up” when times are down

FOLLOW UP - The Lost Art of Sales - Half Day Session

Only a small percentage of prospects actually lease on their first visit. We are a “Be Back” business where the Leasing Professional who makes the best impression and makes an effort to follow up gets the most leases. Learn
  • To follow up……or not?
  • Who, what, when, how - Email, Phone call, thank you note, text or…..??
  • Which type of follow up to use for different generations
  • Follow up that gets attention, is personalized, creates urgency and gets a response
  • Simple Lead management
  • Service request follow up
  • Resident referrals – the biggest compliment a resident can give! How to follow through to make the sale!

CLOSING SUCCESS – Signed, Sealed and Delivered - How to get the Prospect to say “I’m YOURS”! - Half Day Session

  • The two most important questions to ask to know if a prospect is “ready, willing & able” to lease
  • The five types of commitments and how to get one from every prospect
  • How to extend the invitation to lease
  • How to recognize verbal and nonverbal leasing signals
  • Your competitive advantages and how to make them work for you
  • Creative and timely Follow Up – The Lost Art of Sales

SALES TRAINING FOR SENIOR HOUSING - It’s the “heart” sell not the “hard” sell - Full Day Session

This session is designed for senior housing leasing specialists that sell independent, assisted living or memory care housing. The focus is managing the often times extended and multifaceted sales cycle of senior housing.
  • Background of the Senior Living Industry
  • Principals in marketing and selling to Seniors
  • Salesmanship
  • The Prep
  • Probing and listening skills
  • Telephone techniques
  • Presentation
  • Closing
  • Handling objections
  • Follow up
  • Identifying the true competitor
  • Expectations


Outreach Marketing is no longer an optional part of a Marketing Plan. It is a necessary form of marketing required in today’s market. A pre-seminar assignment identifies the resident demographics. Each attendee will leave with a 90 day Outreach Marketing Plan with specific schedules and contacts along with an Outreach Notebook to organize and track leads.
  • Why is outreach  important?
  • Reasons why we don't do outreach
  • How much traffic we really need?
  • Take the “fear” out of “going out”
  • Three Keys to successful outreach
  • Five types of outreach contacts
  • How to identify the target market
  • How to stay organized and report progress
  • Realistic expectations 


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“I wanted to thank you for the great session at the Indiana Apartment Association. You were very informative, helpful and motivational. Just the shot in the arm that I needed.”
-Sue Anthony Sunblest Apartments Indianapolis, IN
“I just wanted to let you know the Fair Housing class today was really informative! After 10 years these classes are more of a refresher but I learned a lot today. Kathy did a great job and I loved the information that Paws for a Cause shared with us. I learned a lot about the new domestic violence act and a lot about Paws for a Cause. I wish I would have had more of my people there, they were that good!”

-Cheryl Uptgraft, CAM Property Manager The Landings at the Preserve Battle Creek, MI

"A few months ago I attended a class taught by Kathy titled “Marketing B & C Properties.” Kathy was a fantastic presenter and the class was full of relevant, useful information. There were a handful of items from the class that we were able to implement immediately and some that I am still working on. Thanks Kathy!"
-Jeffrey Scott Multifamily Marketing Manager Broder & Sachse Real Estate Services Birmingham, MI