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Master the Art of Leasing and Marketing Strategies | Lease Up! - training-education-2

Education and Trainings from Lease Up Will Help You Meet Your Goals Faster

Our priority is to establish a baseline. Typically, we recommend beginning the process with a Mystery Shop to get an idea of where we’re starting from. This will help set a pulse on what areas of improvement there may be as well as create a sense of awareness for the entire staff. From there, we create a custom plan that will help you reach your goals while fulfilling the needs of your team. This plan typically consists of programs in both group training and 1-on-1 coaching sessions to guarantee a deep level of comfort and understanding of the material.

Once training is completed, results of another Mystery Shop reveal improvements in leasing skills. This is a great way to show proof of conception and application for all the skills your team has learned or brushed up on. Rest assured that your staff is focusing on the correct targets with the following topics we cover in the Lease UP Pro Learning Series.

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