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Apartment Marketing Planning: Michigan | Lease Up! - marketing-real-estate

Marketing Plans

A successful marketing plan requires a blend of strategies that conveys your unique message to your target market. The objective is to position the community competitively and generate more than the community’s fair share of traffic. We prepare marketing plans, budgets and schedules for stabilized properties or properties undergoing repositioning or rebranding. We utilize apartment marketing strategies that best reach your target market as well as provide the best return on investment.

Marketing plans for new construction is our area of expertise. We work closely with development and construction teams to create a plan with a specific schedule for implementing marketing strategies and leasing.

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Apartment Marketing Planning: Michigan | Lease Up! - social-media-marketing

Social Media and its Role in Your Business

Social Media is an effective platform for communicating with your audience that already knows you, as well as introducing yourself to new audiences for awareness and promotions.

Setup is most important. We will ensure that all your business information is accurate and present so that your audience can easily find you if they are looking for you. We will also make any updates you need and remain a partner on your profiles with you for as long as you need.

Maintenance is something we manage for you. We will work with your team to ensure that your promotions go out on time, information is accurate and trackable if possible, custom-designed posts are made for your brand and are eye-catching, and your audience is served consistent posts on a schedule you decide. We can make sure your residents know how your last event went, what and when the next one will be, what’s going on in the community, and promote your special to people that may be interested in your apartments with just a few conversations and some shared assets. We aim to take the effort out of getting the word out to your community and beyond.

If your social media pages need setup, maintenance, or even just a second opinion, call the Lease Up team today!

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