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Mastering Basic Leasing Skills

Solid core sales skills build the foundation for leasing apartments. This full day interactive session covers techniques for creating interest via email and phone, how to determine the needs and wants of the customer and how to help them make the decision to live in your community. Beginners and pros alike will benefit from this session as we review the basics with a fresh approach and learn how to lease in today’s highly competitive and challenging market.

Hindsight is 2020 - It’s NOT Business as Usual - Or is it?  

Let’s face it, many businesses have changed dramatically in 2020 as we have been challenged with discovering new ways to serve our future and current residents.  Learn new ways to connect with your customers using High Tech and High Touch selling and customer service skills. Communities that expect to thrive need to have hybrid marketing, leasing and resident retention strategies that connect with their customers in new ways. In this session, you will discover new techniques using technology along with how to bring new life to the marketing best practices to increase traffic and lease more apartments.

Marketing Strategies 2.0

How easy is it to find your community online? In this session you will learn how to gain a digital presence by building from the bottom up. Make sure your customers can find you by optimizing your Google listing as well as how to make the most of Internet Listing Services and Social Media. 

Sales Training for Senior Housing - It’s the “heart” sell not the “hard” sell

This session is designed for senior housing leasing specialists that sell independent, assisted living or memory care housing. The focus is managing the oftentimes extended and multifaceted sales cycle of senior housing.

Fair Housing - Best Practices for Compliance

This session focuses on real-life, current-day application of Fair Housing Laws specifically for the apartment industry. Owners, managers, leasing consultants and service techs will all benefit from knowing how federal, state, and local laws affect them and, more importantly, the best practices to do the right thing and stay in compliance.

Advanced Leasing Skills

Take your leasing skills to the next level with this session specifically designed for the seasoned leasing professional. Learn the latest techniques & trends in leasing that are easy to apply and get results!

Exceptional Customer Service = Increased Resident Retention

It is no secret that exceptional customer service is a form of marketing. Once the prospect says “I’ll take it” is when the service part of our business begins. In this session the emphasis is on how service the essence of our job is while our “to do” list is the function of our job. Reduce resident turnover with a specific plan designed around quality customer service that builds resident loyalty. Give your residents reasons to stay and they will!

Customer Service for the Maintenance Team

The maintenance team has the most influence on a resident’s decision to renew their lease based on the level of customer service they experience starting on the day of move in. Learn how you can make a difference in keeping residents and how your efforts affect the bottom line.

How to Increase Rents and Keep Residents

Markets fluctuate from year to year and, if it is the right time to raise the rent in yours, we’re here to help! We as an industry have trained residents well over the last years to expect concessions and in turn, we have trained ourselves to think it is the only way to sell. It is time for a conscious shift in how we do business when it comes to increasing rents and getting our residents to renew.

Follow Up - The Lost Art of Sales

More and more people are leasing on the first visit or “sight unseen” but those that don’t sometimes need encouragement to help them make the decision. Only 35% of consultants bother to follow up with customers. Find out how you can make your follow up noticeable and effective.

Closing Success - Signed, Sealed, & Delivered - How to get the Prospect to say, “I’m Yours!”

Learn how to “Seal the Deal” at the ideal moment of opportunity. Learn how to recognize buying signals Utilize your competitive advantages in your sales toolbox and the prospect’s buying signals that will lead to success!

The Power of Outreach Marketing

Outreach Marketing is no longer an optional part of a Marketing Plan, but a necessary strategy when done properly can capture the referral market. Learn how to identify your advocates and become partners to generate referrals.

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