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Apartment Marketing, Leasing, Training, Assessments, Mystery Shops | Lease UP! Apartment Marketing - KathyBanker2 Kathy Banker
Owner, Speaker, Trainer and Marketing Consultant
Over 25 years of experience and achievements led to the launching of Lease UP!, a full service marketing and leasing company specializing in the multifamily industry. 
Prior to launching Lease UP! in 2005, Kathy worked for several nationally recognized companies. Her areas of expertise are in realistically assessing underperforming properties, developing and implementing results based marketing plans to drive qualified traffic, training the leasing staff and in the end increasing revenue. She keeps in touch with the apartment industry by regularly working side-by-side with leasing professionals experiencing their everyday challenges and successes. She serves the needs of the conventional, affordable and senior housing markets throughout the country.


Kathy’s hybrid marketing plans are a unique blend of new technology and updated tried and true techniques that generate traffic in today’s unpredictable apartment markets. Her assessments and plans have produced many successful “lease ups” generating increased income for owners and investors. She creates detailed market analyses that provide an objective tool for setting maximum rents.


Kathy created the Lease Up! Pro Learning Series consisting of programs on leasing, marketing, Fair Housing and customer service for management, leasing and maintenance professionals that she presents to apartment associations and private companies across the US.
One-on-one coaching services give leasing consultants immediate critique of their selling skills. Kathy helps consultants discover their own personal style and when combined with effective leasing skills, helps build confidence and in the end  rents more apartments.


Mystery shops provide an invaluable training tool by providing feedback to the leasing or sales consultant about their interaction with a potential renter or buyer. Trained shoppers relate their experience by shopping the consultant and or community via the internet, over the phone or in person. Shops are available for both apartments and new home developments.


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