The best training results are achieved through a combination of classroom sessions and follow up coaching. Regular coaching sessions are conducted one on one with the leasing staff to apply the skills learned in the classroom.
Weekly Sessions are available in person or via webcam.

Sample Coaching Outline:


  • What are we leasing today?
  • Tools - Target apartments, collateral material, keys
  • Product Knowledge
  • Objections
  • Attitude


  • Review shopping experience
  • Identify competitive advantages for Tuscan Shores & Evergreen Estates

LEASING PROCESS – Show by example and critique

  • Internet
  • Telephone Calls
  • Visitors


  • How to organize leads
  • Create Internet Response letter


Review all traffic (internet, phone calls and visitors) from the previous week and report the results of each. Identify:
  • How the sale was closed
  • What level of commitment was made for each contact
  • Follow Up completed
  • Rate on a scale of 1 -10 the likelihood this person will lease and why
  • Set weekly goals

LEASING PROCESS – Show by example and critique

  • Internet
  • Telephone Calls
  • Visitors

PERFORMANCE – How am I doing?

  • Goal Setting
  • Closing Ratio
  • Occupancy
  • Mystery Shops


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“Kathy recently trained and coached two new hires at Tuscan Shores. After helping review over 15,000 RentLinx Plus! phone calls for hundreds of different properties, I can tell you that the new leasing consultants definitely stood out. Over and over I heard their friendly, professional voices as they asked the caller's name, invited the caller in for a tour and explained how Tuscan Shores is different/better than the competition. Great training and coaching Kathy!”
-Amanda Schneider RentLinx